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Carpodromo, Lda was found on May 7, 2015, after several years of dreams and idealizations, at the hands of João Seco and Stephane Losse.
In this process, they found the Lakes where the Carpodromo enclosure is currently located, which belonged to an old inert extraction and which was deactivated for over 50 years and A lot of work had to be done before it was able to open to the public on May 21, 2017.
In 2020, in addition to the global pandemic, an important change took place in the company’s structure with the departure of Stephane Losse and the entry of Filipa Reveles.
Today we are here, firm, to provide you with an excellent service and some unforgettable fishing sessions!


We intend to be among the main Carp Fishing Lakes in Europe, being recognized for the excellence of the relationships established with customers, suppliers and employees.


Develop a Carp Fishing Lake, with excellent customer service, record specimens – both for their size, beauty and care – that people wish to visit regularly to enjoy both our services and the natural surroundings, guaranteeing local development, value creation and business sustainability.


Customer satisfaction;
Protection of Nature and ecosystems;
Good practices in the Carp Fishing modality;
Respect and Ethics in institutional relationships.

"Be patient and calm; no one can catch fish in anger."
Herbert Hoover - 31st President of the USA

Who takes care of our lakes?

Born in 1986 in Figueira da Foz, he lived all his youth in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. As a teenager, he combined his studies with working in different tackle shops, developing his customer service skills and acquiring specific knowledge regarding the most diverse types of fishing. At the age of 18, he moved to Caldas da Rainha to continue his studies in Industrial Design at ESAD.CR. After completing his studies, he joins a large sports company linked to the fishing section, having the opportunity to increase his knowledge of all types of fishing. In 2015 he founded the Carpodromo to which he has dedicated himself ever since.

João Seco

Born in 1986 in the city of Coimbra, she lived most of her life in Figueira da Foz. At the age of 17, he returned to Coimbra to continue her studies, completing a Masters in Public and Private Administration at UC. From Coimbra she leaves to work, in several cities such as Almada, Lisbon and London, always connected to customer service. Then she returns to Figueira da Foz in 2014 and in 2018 she moves to Tábua, continuing her professional activity, until in 2020 she joins the Carpodromo team. In 2017 she started as a Carp Fishing Angler, a modality to which she is exclusively dedicated.

Filipa Reveles

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