Internal Rules

1.1. Catch and Release is mandatory.
1.2. Retention bags or keep nets are totally forbidden, even if you are by yourself.
1.3. As soon as you catch a fish and, with it still inside the net, contact the Lake Managers to inform them of the catch and proceed according to the instructions received.
1.4. Each user of the compound (of legal age) is responsible for his/her actions, for the actions of minors and pets that accompany him/her.
1.5. Is totally forbidden any fish transport to and from the lake.
1.6. The representatives of Carpodromo, Lda, (Managers, Partners, or other persons designated by them), hereinafter referred to as Bailiffs, will enforce this regulation whenever necessary.
1.7. The Bailiffs may expel anyone from the premises, at any time, if they disrespect these regulations, cause disturbances or if they are drunk.

2.1. Fishing is forbidden outside the swims or in any identified non fishing areas. Each angler should respect the fishing space that has been allowed to.
2.2. Respect for Mother Nature is one of the basic principles of Carp fishing. The swims should be kept clean and tidy at all the times. No small litter (as cigarette butts, lines, beer caps, hooks packaging…) will be allowed (or left) in the swim area.
2.3. Swims Exchange can be made according to the availability and the agreement of the Bailiffs.
2.4. Any swim Exchange is always carried out in accordance with the instructions of the Bailiffs.

3.1. Private boats (rowing or motor) are not allowed.
3.2. Bait boats are allowed if they do not disturb the other anglers.
3.3. Only 3 rods are allowed per each angler or 4 rods per swim.
3.4. You cannot use your own landing net, unhooking matt or sling bag.
3.5. Fish care material (landing net, unhooking bed, weight bag and first aid kit) will be provide at the begin of your journey and should be handed back to us at the end of it, in the same conditions that was delivered.
3.6. Brollys, biwis, or other shelters should be of a neutral colour, as dark green or camo and suitable for carp fishing.
3.7. The use of awnings is up to the Bailiffs approval.

4.1. It’s totally forbidden to land the fish in any other place besides the landing bed/matt/cradle.
4.2. Any caught fish must be handled with the greatest possible care, must be disinfected and promptly returned to the water. The return to water will be made within a maximum of 5 (five) minutes after capture, in the lake and fishing grounds where they were captured.
4.3. It is mandatory to water the fish regularly, while it is out of the water.

5.1. Multifilament/braid or lead core lines are not allowed in the main line.
5.2. Coated multifilament/braid lines are allowed on the rigs. Contact a Bailiff for more information.
5.3. It’s only allowed 1 hook per rod and it has to be barbless or micro barb.
5.4. Hooks bigger than No 1 or smaller than No 8 are forbidden.
5.5. The use of longshank hooks is forbidden.
5.6. Are only allowed rigs that enable the lead to be quickly and easy released.
5.7. The use of rig tube in the main line is mandatory with a minimum of 40cm.
5.8. Regarding the safety of our fishes Bailiffs can, at any time, check any of you fishing material to enforce these rules.

6.1. Due to the size of the lakes extreme baiting is not recommended. If you have any doubt please contact a Bailiff.
6.2. It is only allowed to use cooked seeds of commercial origin and in sealed packages or purchased at the lake.
6.3. Tigernuts are not allowed in any circumstances.
6.4. All seeds used should be seen and approved by a Bailiff.
6.5. Spod flours are not allowed.
6.6. Throw out any artificial baits (plastic, pop-ups or dumbbells) to the water is totally forbidden
6.7. It is forbidden to throw away your bait leftovers to the lake. At the end of you journey you may hand them to the Bailiff at the reception. We will know how to give them a good use.

7.1. Swimming/Diving at the lakes is forbidden.
7.2. It is forbidden to use soap to wash dishes in the swims taps and to put water with detergent in the ponds or on the banks.
7.3. Life jackets must be worn at all times when you are operating a boat.
7.4. It is mandatory to place any litter (common rubbish and glass must be separated) in the containers available on the grounds.
7.5. Campfires at the ground are not allowed. Only charcoal is allowed on barbecues. Consult a Bailiff before lighting any barbecue.
7.6. Pets are welcome. Pet owners are totally responsible for they act and for cleaning up after them.
7.7. Cars and vans only may stay by the swims to load and unload gear. The remaining time they should be parked in the places specified by the Bailiffs.
7.8. Shower rooms and toilets are available to any costumers and guests 24h per day.
7.9. Is strictly forbidden to do your physiological needs at open air, under penalty of eviction and to be forbidden to come back.

8.1. Guests are welcome. None the less, they cannot interfere in fishing (casting, retrieving the rods or work the fish), except to handle the landing net.
8.2. Each angler is allowed to bring 1 guest over 14yo and up 2 under 14yo.
8.3. The first 24h of any guests are free of charge. After that period a 10€/day fee will be charged.
8.4. Any guests under 14yo are always free of charge.

9.1. The swims are booked from 12noon (12h) the day you arrive till 11am (11h) the day you leave.
9.2. All the arrivals are to be made from 12noon (12h) till 7pm (19h).
9.3. In the event of your arrival being in a different schedule you must communicate with the management to make the necessary adjustments (if possible).
9.4. Any changes to the length of you stay, should be communicated to the management and are subject to the availability of the lake.
9.5. In case of shortening the stay, the total amount of the reservation made is due.

10.1. Carpodromo, Lda is not responsible for any accidents that result from the unappropriated use of the facilities, the available equipment’s or the violations of these norms.
10.2. Carpodromo, Lda is not responsible for any theft or damage to gear and equipment owned by our customers.

11.1. I authorize the collection of the following personal data for exclusive use of Carpodromo, Lda:
11.1.1. For billing proposes: Name: ___________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________ VAT: _____________________________________________________________________
11.1.2. For Marketing and communication proposes: Mobile No: ___________________________________________________________ E-mail: ___________________________________________________________________ Photographs and Video: Yes____ No____

12.1. These norms are signed by each angler/guest on their arrival and before going to the assigned swim.
12.2. The disrespect of any rules presented above or any damages cause within our compound allow the Bailiffs to determine the eviction from the compound and demand the total amount of the reservation and of any caused damage.